That’s Baller- Disney Breaks Its Own Global Revenue Record With More Than $7 Billion and Counting

To say it’s been a good year for the Disney powerhouse is an understatement. To date, the global earnings for the films released thus far are at $7.67 billion and counting. This tops the previous record of $7.61 billion also set by Disney in 2016. With the success of ”Avengers Endgame,” ”Captain Marvel,” live-action ”Aladdin,” ”Toy Story 4” and now ”The Lion King;” Disney is on track to set another record for having the most $1 billion-plus earning films in a year.

The Lion King’s success is a major contributor to pushing Disney to these record-breaking heights. The film has earned $963.7 million in its opening weeks both domestic and globally. In addition, Disney has dominated the market by acquiring Pixar Animation, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and Hollywood Studio Fox. This strategic business approach, coupled with great marketing and a loyal fan base is the formula to their continued success. 

Considering the upcoming releases of fan favorites ”Maleficent 2,” ”Frozen 2” and ”Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” there’s potential for more record-breaking box office weeks ahead. It seems as if Disney has further secured their place as an industry leader in films securing 45% of the total earnings of all films released across the globe in 2019.

The Lion King

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