Disney Introduces First Bisexual Character

Disney is making strides with inclusivity, as can be seen with the incorporation of it’s first lead bisexual TV character on its “The Owl House” series.

“I was very open about my intention to put queer kids in the main cast. I’m a horrible liar, so sneaking it in would’ve been hard,” series creator, Dana Terrace, who identifies as bisexual, tweeted. “I was told by certain Disney leadership that I could not represent any form of bi or gay relationship on the channel.” She added, “Luckily, my stubbornness paid off, and now I am very supported by current Disney leadership.”

“The Owl House” series follows 14-year-old Dominican-American, Luz Noceda, on her journey to become a witch despite her lack of magical powers. While the character is not Disney’s first LGBTQ+ character, Luz serves as the first bisexual character to make a Disney debut on a television series.

Disney Introduces First Bisexual Character

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