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Disney Plus

Disney+ Reached Over 10 Million In Subscriptions Within First 48 Hours Of Launch

Disney revealed Tuesday the new streaming service hit 10 million signups since launching Monday, November 12, which completely explains the first-day glitches.

“The consumer demand for Disney+ has exceeded our high expectations,” the company tweeted Monday. “We are working to quickly resolve the current user issue. We appreciate your patience.”

With 10 million in signups, Disney is off to a strong start despite it all.

CEO Bob Iger expects Disney+, which costs $7 a month to reach between 60 million and 90 million global subscribers within its first five years, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Disney had been using multiple marketing tools to boost signups, including offering discounts to fan club members, signing a deal with Verizon giving all under their service free Disney+ accounts, bundled with Hulu and ESPN+.

Reports say of the 10 million, Disney did not disclose how many signups included people on promotional offers, including a seven-day free trial offered to new users.

Although Disney+ will be entering new countries in the next weeks, it will not provide subscriber updates about Disney+ outside of its quarterly earnings call. The next update would then come in February for the fourth-quarter earnings report.

The initial launch began in the U.S., Canada, and The Netherlands on Nov. 12. But the service will gradually roll out around the rest of the world, starting Nov. 19 with Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. By March 31, the push into Western Europe should begin, including the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The company has said it expects the service to “launch in most major global markets within its first two years.”

As far as competition from Netflix and other streaming sources, Disney’s CEO is confident the company will reach its targets.

“There’s only one Disney,” Iger recently told the publication. “No one can come out and have a product that’s like ours, because no one’s got those brands.”

Disney Plus

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