Disneyland Employees Protest Reopening Until The Company Promises Their Safety From Coronavirus

Employees for Disneyland in California protested the park’s reopening Saturday from their cars.

The employees argued that the company has not put in place proper protections for employees to fight coronavirus when the park reopens.

There were about 200 cars outside the resort Saturday, which was organized by the Coalition of Resort Labor Unions, a group that represents 17,000 Disneyland workers from 11 unions.

The unions are asking that Disney provides on-site COVID-19 testing facility for their employees when they reopen.

“When Disney does reopen, we want it to be as safe as possible for cast members, for the guests, and for the families that cast members have to go back to,” said Maria Hernandez, a union member, according to Reuters.

But Reuters reports that Disney said U.S. health authorities did not recommend COVID-19 testing for routine screening.

Disney also said in a statement Saturday that it reached agreements regarding coronavirus protections that include additional sick pay, face coverings for guests and employees, and reduced park capacity.

Disneyland has been closed since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. They were hoping to reopen the theme park starting July 17, the 65th anniversary of its grand opening. But that reopening isn’t happening after spikes of infection rates in the state.


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