DJ D-Nice Talks “Club Quarantine”

DJ D-Nice Talks “Club Quarantine”

DJ D-Nice sat down with The Breakfast Club, where he discussed “Club Quarantine” and how he got through the early days of the pandemic.


The beloved music maker says that he turned to playing music every night on Instagram as a means of staying connected with people while he was quarantined alone. While it started as a way of helping him cope with his gigs being canceled and loneliness, D-Nice says that “constantly reading the comments from people that were lonely and this music was helping them.” His “Club Quarantine” quickly became a “safe space” for millions.

D-Nice says that he experienced guilt due to his career blossoming in the early days of the pandemic while many others were struggling financially.

“To thrive during a time when people are struggling—I can’t even describe that kind of guilt where the world was stopping.” He added, “That’s why I tried to make sure I did as many fundraisers and allowed other DJs to use my platform just to kind of like balance it out, give other people a shot.”

DJ D-Nice says that what made “Club Quarantine” so exciting for so many was the fact that celebs and fans were able to congregate in one place, which provided an added layer of togetherness.

“That’s what made it exciting for people. It gave people hope when they could see, like a Michelle Obama in the same virtual party that they were in.” He said before adding, “the fact that we are all like, talking and sharing stories and sending virtual bottles, that’s what was fun.”

To honor D-Nice and his contributions to keeping spirits up during the pandemic, New York has declared March 19th “Club Quarantine Day.”

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