Exclusive: DJ Envy and Gia Casey Talk Battling Pride and Ego, Growing in Love and More [Video]

Exclusive: DJ Envy and Gia Casey Talk Battling Pride and Ego, Growing in Love and More [Video]

Real Life, Real Love” isn’t just a book. It’s a guide for those looking to develop healthy relationships with their partner while becoming the best version of themselves. In an exclusive interview with RaaShaun Casey, otherwise known as D.J. Envy, and his better half, Gia, the two share the details behind their love story and book “Real Life, Real Love: Life lessons on Joy Pain & the Magic That Holds.”

Authenticity and transparency are two things the high school sweethearts pride themselves in. Going public with the details of their marriage wasn’t easy; however, the Caseys wanted to use this book as a learning tool. “The difficult part is not what I did — It’s that I’m older and evolving and seeing how those things affected my spouse. So hopefully, someone can read this and learn from these mistakes,” D.J. Envy said.

Gia explained how the book was created with purpose and although their relationship has had its challenges, she believed the book would’ve helped them “weather the storms,” and they may not have misstepped in their relationship.

Parenting is also a major topic in the book, and the couple shares how they communicate with their kids in a way where they’re receptive. “We’re teaching our kids from a place of relatability,” said Gia. “When I’m giving my daughter advice, she listens because she knows I know I have her best interest at heart.”

Just like many other couples, the parents of six battle issues in their relationship. The couple discussed how pride and ego were catastrophic to their union. “We used to argue to win. But it got to a point where we realized that this isn’t doing anything but hurting our relationship,” Envy said. “If we’re disagreeing, we shouldn’t be arguing. We should be having conversations to meet in the middle. And that’s where we’re are now.”

Living in the public eye can be mentally and emotionally taxing for a public figure. However, Gia said the opinions of others do not move her because her life is the epitome of love. “I don’t let social media affect us. I love myself, my family, and my life. Our home is filled with love,” Gia said. “I won’t allow myself to be brought down by the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of others. I love myself too much.”

Growing in love and moving in grace is what Gia and Envy are an example of. Although their growth experiences are unique, they believe this book is suitable for people who want to become self-actualized. “If you want to become your best self — particularly within the scope of a relationship between another person or yourself, this is the book for you.”

In addition to sharing their relationship journey in the book, their podcast, The Casey Crew explores the good, bad, and ugly sides of relationships and family life.


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