DJ Olivia Dope Accuses Joe Budden Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: “I Can’t Be Silenced”

Joe Budden is being called out again for toxic behavior. This time, DJ Olivia Dope, who recently quit Budden’s podcast network, has now revealed that his toxic behavior, especially toward women, is also present at work. Dope shared that Budden sexually harassed her twice on-air while recording a January episode of the ‘See The Thing Is‘ podcast.

She starts the video, “I’m doing this video to finally explain why I left the See The Thing Is podcast as well as The Joe Budden Network. I sat with this for three years, anxiously debating with myself if I feel comfortable enough to express my reasoning for my departure.” She continued, “It’s been a lot on my spirit. I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights in the past couple of months. I have constant reminders of what has transpired, so bear with me as I try to get this out.” She said, “I am here today, still uncomfortable, but I find the bravery to speak out on a very embarrassing situation. Not only to start my healing process but to help give encouragement to others who have similar stories of sexual harassment in the workplace.”

Dope then explains how the events on January 18, 2021, made her uncomfortable. She said, “Joe Budden sat in on a recording of the female-led podcast I was a part of and continuously made sexual, suggestive remarks to me that made me extremely uncomfortable as well as fearful of dampening the mood if I didn’t laugh along while he made those sexual remarks to me. Those moments not only live on the internet forever, but it also forced me into the decision of quitting the podcast.”

For the remainder of the video, she detailed the entire count of the sexual harassment she endured on the podcast. She said, “There were attempts to intimidate, attempts to silence me. I can’t be silenced. I absolutely cannot.”

As the video came to an end, she says, “At this time, I just recommend that any woman who thinks about working with him in any capacity, please think again. I should have walked into the situation doing a bit more research on how work environments are with him. I should have taken heed to the accusations that have been [made] in the past. Even though they are more in his personal life, those should have been red flags for me as well. But at the end of the day, regardless of all of that, no one should ever feel comfortable enough to speak the way that person spoke to me, ever. No one should ever feel comfortable enough to make a work environment completely toxic and hostile the way that person did. No one should ever feel like they can be sexually explicit and suggestive not only to you but in front of the entire production staff to belittle you.”

You can catch her full video on Baller Alert.





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