DJ Responds, Apologizes to Cardi B After Mistakenly Shouting Out Nicki Minaj During New York Club Appearance [Videos]

DJ Responds, Apologizes to Cardi B After Mistakenly Shouting Out Nicki Minaj During New York Club Appearance [Videos]

DJ Will is speaking out after he was heard in a viral video shouting out Nicki Minaj during a club appearance when it was actually Cardi B inside the nightclub.

Early Thursday morning video of Cardi B, Offset along with their family and friends at a New York nightclub made rounds on the internet. In the clip, the DJ can be heard saying, “Shoutout to Nicki Minaj in the motherf*cking building. Let’s go,” followed by playing one of Nicki’s latest hits “Do We Have a Problem?” The video showed Cardi B seemingly unbothered. However, she later got on the mic letting the crowd know who was actually in the building. She also addressed the situation on Live saying she believed she was set up, but she handled her business regardless.

“Motherfuckers were trying to set me up and everything. And let me tell you something, I handle my business in real life,” she said. “I don’t think y’all really knew what was going on. I don’t think y’all understand what was going on, and when somebody tries to explain it, y’all coming sideways. And it’s, like, why?”

After fans accused the DJ Will of being messy, among other things, he broke his silence Thursday afternoon to clear the air letting critics know that wasn’t the case.

“A promotor, manager passed me along information to shout out and unknowingly, I ran with it,” DJ Will said in a video posted on Instagram. “I never meant any disrespect to Cardi B, Offset, their family, friends or fans in any way, shape or form,” he continued.

“It was an honest mistake, and I feel horrible about it. Normally that’s something that I would never do — I always check and double-check information, but I was caught up in what I thought was a hip-hop moment. I accept my responsibilities for what happened and send my heartfelt apologies to Cardi B and Offset.”

He continued by saying he meant no malice and that it was no setup. He said he was only to do his job while also claiming the view in the club is obstructed near the DJ booth and he only went by what people were telling him.


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