Djimon Hounsou Files For Joint Custody Of Son With Kimora Lee, Allegedly Plans To Move Son To Africa

Djimon Hounsou is now locked into a bitter court fight with his ex, Kimora Lee, asking for joint custody of the former couple’s 10-year-old son Kenzo.

According to TMZ, sources close to Kimora maintain that Hounsou as threatened to move the child to Africa and never bring him back.

Even Kimora’s ex-husband, Russell Simmons, told TMZ that he told Djimon he could take the boy for a visit if he agreed to sign a document promising not to take Kenzo to Africa and Djimon refused.

Russell claims that Djimon is not only asking for joint custody but is also asking for child support, although he has never paid child support to Lee.

Kimora was served with the joint custody petition on Friday. Djimon Hounsou hasn’t commented yet.


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