DMX Apologizes To Lloyd Banks For Questioning His Lyrical Skills: “My Apologies To Lloyd Banks I Was Thinking Tony Yayo”

DMX is apologizing to fellow east coast rapper Lloyd Banks after he previously discredited his lyrical ability.

During a conversation with Fatman Scoop on Instagram Live, the two began talking about their favorite lyricists. Scoop pointed out that Lloyd Banks, 38, is on his list, but DMX disagreed with his choice. “Lloyd Banks? Lyricist?” X asked. “Quote four bars. Impress me with four bars of his. It shouldn’t be hard.”

Lloyd Banks DMX
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Of course, X’s comments found their way to Banks’ ear, which prompted him to address the issue via Twitter.  “So because I didn’t come to the studio to work when HE reached out..I’m not that good?” he wrote. Banks claims the only reason DMX feels ill towards his rap skills is that he had to miss a studio session with him because he had to board a flight. Many people online felt offended for DMX, calling the rapper a legend. But, Banks maintained that he only turned down the opportunity to be in the studio because he had travel arrangements.

However, Banks ended up not being the rapper DMX meant to criticize, he now says he confused Banks with G-Unit member Tony Yayo. “It takes a real ni**a to admit when he’s wrong,” he wrote over a screenshot of Banks’ tweet. “My apologies to Lloyd banks. I was thinking tony yayo when I was asked about banks. I fuck with banks!”

Lloyd Banks DMX

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