DMX Opens Up About Current State of Rap Music: “They’re All Promoting Drug Use… You Ain’t Gotta Promote It Like It’s Cool”

After serving a year behind bars for tax evasion, DMX has emerged with a renewed faith, a new outlook on life and the eagerness to release new music. However, amid his return to the music scene, X is opening up about the current state of rap music and its misrepresentation of the culture. 

In a recent interview with Real 92.3, X expressed his concerns about upcoming artists, the irresponsible trends explored in today’s music, and opened up about holding rappers responsible for their lyrical content, specifically, those who can shed insight on the history of rap culture and lyricism. 

“Whoever can, not just myself. But whoever has the ability to, first, the insight to see it and the talent and the ability to, you know, do the right thing,” X said of the misrepresentation. “It’s all of our responsibility.” 

“They’re all promoting drug use,” he continued. “If that’s what you wanna do, that’s your business, but you ain’t gotta promote it like it’s cool and make it cool.”

Elsewhere in the interview, according to Complex, DMX opened up about a higher power, his release from prison and more. 

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