Do You Suffer From R.B.F (Resting B*tch Face)?

Resting Bitch Face is a habit some of us suffer. Most of us adapt it to ward off “predators,” the kind who seem to cat call and make noises as if you are some type of animal, but then can’t seem to get rid of it despite actually wanting positive attention. This presents quite a serious problem for us ladies who naturally have RBF. RBF is the bubonic plague of facial expressions. It is the easiest way to ward off people you don’t want to speak to, including but not limited to the man handing out fliers for some new religion on the corner or the pervert who tells you that he can warm up those legs of yours because you look cold. The negative side of RBF is that it is a surefire way to make sure that you seem unapproachable by an actual gentleman. 

These men see your facial expression, a cross between boredom and anger and decide that the odds of them succeeding with you are slim to none and he might as well just cut his loses. They decide to stay the hell away from you and find someone who seems a little more open and pleasant. The problem is that most of us RBF ladies are actually quite pleasant (when approached by the right man). But just having “the” face and being unaware of it can actually cause a man to be too intimidated to say anything to you.

A typical scenario would be you and your girlfriends at a bar, sipping on a few drinks -taking in your surroundings. As you’re doing so, you make eye contact with a man that seems interested in you. Now here comes the dilemma: The RBF. This can go one of two ways. You can scare him off with your mean face or you can give him subtle signs that you’re interested and approachable.

How? Let me tell you. Once you have decided that you are attracted to this man, try and make eye contact. Hold his gaze just a couple of seconds too long and then give him a small coy smile, play with your hair as you go back to your drink. This allows him to know that he might be “in there.” Eye contact is number one in assuring that you are giving the right impression. I don’t mean mean mugging with eye contact, I mean a cute little smile, letting him know that you’re also attracted to him.

It is not easy for a man, even with the go-ahead, to approach a group of women and ask to speak to one, because they know that your friends are judging him – because they are. So why not make it a tad bit easier on him and just so “happen” to cross his path? Why don’t you get up and find a different area of the bar, closer to him to order a drink? Why don’t you happen to get lost finding the bathroom and make sure you pass him, making sure that eye contact and smile transpires? This way you have now put the ball in his court. I don’t like to approach men, but men also don’t want their ego to be broken. This is the easiest way to let him know that you are open to the interaction. Approaching you while you are alone, saves his ego, and allows him to offer to buy you a drink and spark up a conversation.

RBF is chronic but being aware of the fact that you do have this issue makes it ten times easier to solve. Practice smiling a lot more, and you’ll not only seem more approachable to people, but people can’t resist a pretty smile.

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