Doctors In Ireland Remove 55 Batteries From Woman's Stomach

Doctors In Ireland Remove 55 AA And AAA Batteries From Woman’s Stomach

A woman, reportedly attempting to harm herself, had to have 55 AA and AAA batteries removed from her stomach and gut. The case, published by the Irish Medical Journal this past Thursday, is now regarded as the highest number of “batteries ingested at a single point in time.”

The woman was treated at St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin. The doctors said in the report that “the deliberate ingestion of multiple large AA batteries as a form of deliberate self-harm is an unusual presentation.”

The doctors added that typically, batteries are ingested by children and can usually pass through the body without harm. However, if they get stuck in the throat, they can cause life-threatening damage, WION reports.

“The potential of cylindrical batteries to result in acute surgical emergencies should not be underestimated,” the case report states. After cutting a small hole in the stomach, doctors were able to remove the batteries. The case shows the batteries didn’t obstruct her gastrointestinal tract.

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