Documentary About Former Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Racially Charged Remarks, As Told By The Players Including Chris Paul, Set to Be Released Next Week

With the success of Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance documentary comes the announcement of another sports documentary on the way.

According to CBS Sports, Blackballed, a documentary about the former Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling is set to be released next week on mobile app Quibi.

The story will be told from the viewpoint of several former Clippers players such as Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and more.

The focus of the story will cover the 2014 Donald Sterling saga, where NBA commissioner ordered Sterling to a lifetime ban from the league and a $2.5 million fine over his racist remarks.

Blackballed will specifically cover the five-day timeframe during the 2014 NBA Finals when the former Clippers owner’s remarks became known to the public.

Clippers players were extremely affected by Sterling’s comments and, as a result, even thought about protesting during Game 4.

While the players did decide to play, the still voiced their anger regarding Sterling’s remarks and wore their warmup uniforms inside out to block any display of the Clippers logo.

“This too was bigger than basketball. Our side of the story – 5/18,” Paul wrote on his Instagram.

Set to air May 18 on Quibi, Blackballed will see players, and current head coach Doc Rivers, give an inside scoop on what went on behind the scenes with the organization during that time and express how they felt.

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