Doja Cat Reveals Breast Augmentation Surgery Was A Reduction
Doja Cat Reveals Breast Augmentation Surgery Was A Reduction | Doja Cat - Instagram Selfie

Doja Cat Reveals Breast Augmentation Surgery Was A Reduction, Drops To 32C

Doja Cat has always been a beacon for body positivity. After undergoing several cosmetic procedures to get her body in perfect shape, the pop rapper is clapping back at haters.

Back in November, the 27-year-old confirmed that she was undergoing a breast augmentation. Many assumed this meant she would be debuting a set of implants. However, on Monday, the “Streets” performer revealed she’d actually had a breast reduction. Additionally, she scaled down her thick thighs with a round of lipo.

After tweeting that she got her “titties done and my clit bedazzled,” fans had tons of questions that she graciously answered. Doja revealed that she was just four days into recovery, but her new 32C boobs were healing fast, along with the thigh lipo. She admitted that she was uncomfortable when she moved but remained optimistic about her successful surgery.

One fan came to Doja’s defense after others criticized her about having liposuction, questioning why some people were upset she underwent the fat-sucking procedure. The Grammy award winner shot back, calling the haters “miserable” and in need of a job.

As long as Doja is happy with her new look, that’s all that matters.

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