#DojaCatIsOverParty Trends On Twitter After Offensive Video Surfaces

Doja Cat has gone viral two weeks in a row, but this time, it’s not good after an offensive video surfaced the internet.  Now, Twitter is ready to cancel her with the trending hashtag #DojaCatIsOverParty.

It appears that Doja Cat may have been in a TinyRooms chat room with white supremacist incels and denouncing her blackness to everyone in the chat.

Incels are defined as “involuntary celibate,” a subculture who find themselves unable to find a romantic or sexual partner, despite wanting one. Incels often express hatred toward sexually active people.

In the alt-right chatroom, Doja allegedly never once said she was  proud of her blackness and stated that she wished she was white and that “at least she was thick.”

Although no evidence has surfaced so far of Doja Cat making racist statements, there was a message exchange posted implying Doja’s racism. The back and forth also claims that Doja was a regular on these racist websites.

Twitter even alleges that Doja’s song “Dindu Nuffin” mocks unarmed black people falling victim to police brutality.

The controversy arrives shortly after Doja peaks at the #1 spot with her Nicki Minaj assisted “Say So.”

Doja Cat has yet to respond, but that doesn’t the internet from chiming in.

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