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Donald Glover Questions If He’s Afraid Of Black Women In Self-Interview

Donald Glover gave a fascinating interview and take on his relationship with Black women. 

The actor and rapper interviewed himself for his new Interview Magazine cover story, where he expressed his views on Black women and race. The creator, who is not big on press, asked himself, “Are you afraid of Black women?” He then responded by somewhat praising Black women for playing “a big part” in his narrative. In an odd turn, he then tells himself, “I feel like you’re using Black women to question my Blackness.” In another odd portion of the self-chat, he asks, “Alright. Are you gonna teach your kids how to be Black?” to which he chuckles and responds, “Well, yeah? Should someone else?

Naturally, social media responded to the unorthodox interview with a few thoughts of their own. One Twitter user wrote, “For chaos reasons, now I need a Black woman to interview Donald Glover since he said he’s not afraid of us.”

It is unclear why the “Atlanta” creator chose to interview himself and his overall purpose aside from leaving his fans scratching their heads. However, with Glover being married to a white woman, many wonder why he asked himself about being afraid of Black women.

In another portion of the sit-down, Glover addresses his children and whether or not he wants them to “focus on their Blackness?”

“In some ways, I don’t. But I also don’t want them to be the light-skin kid saying, “I don’t see color,” the 38-year-old stated.

Thoughts on the interview?

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