Donald Trump Celebrates His Impeachment Acquittal

Donald Trump Celebrates His Impeachment Acquittal During White House Prayer Breakfast: “Impeachment Is A Very Ugly Word To Me”

Donald Trump took the opportunity at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday to celebrate his acquittal, saying that he had “been through hell” during the impeachment process.

Trump entered the room to celebratory chants of “Hail to the Chief,” before addressing what he had endured in the process.

“They brought me to the final stages of impeachment, but now we have that gorgeous word. I never thought a word would sound so good. It’s called total acquittal,” Trump rejoiced in front of Republican lawmakers and family members as he continued to blame the impeachment on unfair accusations and “leakers and liars” who accused him of misconduct.

Trump referred to impeachment as a “very ugly word to me. It’s a dark word.”

Trump was acquitted on Wednesday in the impeachment trial. On the first article of impeachment, abuse of power, the vote was 52-48 favoring acquittal. On the second, which was obstruction of Congress, the vote was 53-47, also favoring a not guilty verdict.

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