Donald Trump's Blog Page Has Been Taken Down Permanently

Donald Trump’s Blog Page Has Been Taken Down Permanently

Donald Trump’s blog page has been shut down permanently.

Social media put a stop to Trump’s online engagement, so the 74-year-old took to a blog space that he named “From the Desk of Donald Trump.” But now, that too has been wiped from the internet less than a month later, CNBC reports. Jason Miller from CNBC said it “will not be returning.”

He didn’t give any other details about the page being pulled but said “it was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on,” Miller said via email “Hoping to have more information on the broader efforts soon, but I do not have a precise awareness of timing,” he added. However, Miller confirmed this is just the “precursor” to Trump joining “another social media platform.”

“Yes, actually, it is. Stay tuned!” Miller said in response to a Twitter user.

Following the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Facebook and Twitter banned Trump from their platforms. His removal was due to this incitement of violence and his repeated claims of election fraud.

The latest to come from Trump were attacks against GOP Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona, who he called a RINO for vetoing a bill that would critical race theory training for government workers. A RINO is an acronym that stands for “Republican in name only.”

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