Don’t Blame The Groupie, Kate Gosselin Isn’t Mother Of The Year Either


Watching this video actually disgusted me. I felt that I needed to post this since we were talking a lot about poor parental skills. I don’t want it to look like only groupies and gold diggers have questionable behavior. For those that don’t watch “Kate Plus 8” I’ll break it down a little for you. The show airs on TLC and was originally “John & Kate Plus 8”, a reality show that followed John & Kate Gosselin as they cared for their 8 small children. It’s my opinion that Kate was treating John like crap the entire time on the show, but needless to say they ended up getting a divorce. Kate got the kids and the show. Kate is now dating her body card Steve who you will see in the clip. Ashley is the nanny. Kate is the bitchy mother.


This clip is actually from Anderson Cooper’s AC360 where he uses sarcasm and humor to share his distaste with Kate. In the clip the family, Ashley and Steve are out on a cross country trip where they stop for food. Kate’s boyfriend Steve apparently “reserved” some pizza for himself but when Kate realizes that one of the children is going to eat it she goes ballistic. Check out the video.




Wait, so you are acting like a dramatic cunt because your BOYFRIEND wasn’t going to get his slice of pizza that he “reserved”? Ma’am, you are the mother of 8 children. How dare you put some peen before your children. Eff what he reserved, he’s so hungry, tell that idiot to go buy him a Big Mac, if my kid is hungry, my kid will eat! Then she flips out because the child gave her BOYFRIEND the pizza with her hands?? WHAT?!?! Did she forget that as a mother she used to wipe the shit from the crack of all 8 of these kids asses? There is nothing dirty about your baby. NOTHING! And if you’re boyfriend doesn’t want to eat off your kids guess what, he can walk! Well, that’s at least the way I would view it. Apparently it’s not just groupies and gold diggers putting men before their kids. It’s soccer moms too. I wanted to post this video to show that this occurrence is more common than you think. And if she’ll put her child’s hunger on the line for a man, I don’t doubt if it called for it, she would possibly leave her kids for a man too. Kate got a taste of fame, got a lot of plastic surgery and now she forgot how to be a mother. Not so different from Draya or Imani who got a taste of the Baller life and lost their damn sense. I’m glad Anderson Cooper got in her ass and this is why Anderson is my big gay boyfriend!

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