You Don’t Know Someone Until You Live With Them

How well do you know those who you’re the closest to? Do you know who they are when the sun goes down and when the wig comes off? How do they act after just waking up?  What are their pet peeves?


See, until you have lived with someone you only know what they want you to know. Sharing your space with someone forces them to reveal true colors and places both parties in a state of vulnerability.  The most honest parts of people are brought to light after someone becomes comfortable. Living with someone is a clear sign of comfortability and if for whatever reason you aren’t comfortable, you will have to figure it out quick. That’s the beauty of it all.


Living with someone really shows you how an individual values and prioritizes your relationship with them. Now you’ll see first hand what that person is willing to give up, what they are willing to compromise and how they handle conflict under pressure. Furthermore, living with someone also teaches you a lot about yourself and how you feel about someone else. What are you willing to do differently? What are you willing to accept?


Living with someone adds a new kind of pressure but it brings a new level of understanding.

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