Don’t Let Patriarchy F*ck Your Life

Don’t Let Patriarchy F*ck Your Life


Society has a way of manipulating us. By us I mean women. We’re taught that “ladies are seen and not heard”, “mind our manners”, we must “stay down and endure hell” and that our worth is somehow equated to being married. We are drilled to be these passive, nonsexual creatures that inadvertently become doormats for society, all for the sake of garnering the opposite’s attention.


However, if you’ve ever spoken to men about the women they seem to go batshit crazy over, it’s the [women] who live by their own rules and raise hell. And no, I’m not talking about the “drama” type. Honestly, this clusterf*ck is manipulation of a patriarchal society at its finest.

Men want sex sirens the first night they have sex with you, but they want to be your first. Sex is a learned skill, not some mythical power that magically evolves the moment you decide you’re going to bed a man. We all know the only way to be great at something is to practice. Sex is no different. Drake said all those other men were practice, but somehow the rest of the male population missed that.

If a woman decides she wants to get work done to her body, get a flawless install and beat; there is this problem that she doesn’t love herself. If the wind blows and said woman wants to dress provocatively, she is doing too much. However, if you log onto the social media platforms of these very men, all they follow, like and gawk after are these women that have done and do the exact opposite of what they tell you.

Passiveness is beautiful in its own right. However, it’s one of the most abused attributes anyone, especially women, can possess. Somehow, the nonconfrontational element of passiveness dictates that the woman must withstand hell. They must be “loyal” to a situation, and endure toxicity. Women are taught that we are emotional, but it’s the very emotions society plays to get us to cater to their egos. Think about it.

By no means am I encouraging women to be who they are not. What I am saying is be exactly who you are regardless of the opinions of a patriarchal society. The very things they tell you not to do or admonish are what they gravitate towards and adore. It’s not about them, it’s about us [ women].

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