Don’t Let Your Red Bottoms Define You

About a week or so ago I was on Miss Jia‘s website where I spotted the Youtube video below. The video is basically a tutorial on Do-It-Yourself red bottoms. It caused quite an unexpected uproar. Some people were saying it wasn’t worth the trouble to try and fit in, the others were saying you don’t have to spend too much money to look like you did. Peep the video:




What are your thoughts on Do-It-Yourself Red Bottoms? Have things gotten so bad that we will go to such lengths to impress people who don’t pay our bills. I’m a firm believe of if you ain’t got it, you ain’t got it. What’s on the bottom of my shoes does not define who I am and if I want Christian Louboutins on my feet, I’ll go out and purchase Christian Louboutins. I could understand if you like the style of the shoe and that’s why you bought them, but just because the bottom is red? It’s just not that serious to me. In fact, I don’t have enough time in my busy day to break out the red nail polish and paint my shoes red nor do I want to spend $60 on knock-offs.


Frankly you’re going through so much to impress people who really don’t care. Taking red shoe polish to your heels won’t fly around a person who actually has a collection of Loubs in their closet. Who do you think you’re fooling? I hate that we’ve let something as simple as the color at the bottom of our shoes define our status. It’s almost as if the bottoms of your heels aren’t red, you aren’t as good as the next woman. Somewhere we’ve let a bunch of women who have spent their rent money on some heels make us feel inadequate. We’ve somehow let men who wear $200 Jordans tell us to go buy $2000 heels. Fact is, just because the bottoms of your heels are a certain color, doesn’t mean you are worth a damn, 25% of a damn or even .0008% of a damn. There are plenty of women out here selling their souls for fuchsia bottoms at this very minute.


My thing is this, if you can afford it, spend your money on whatever you like. If you can’t afford Christian Louboutin heels or that Prada bag, there’s no real reason to cop the bootleg. I agree, everyone wants to look like money, but not to the extent that you’re counterfeiting logos and trademarks. It’s never quite that serious. Wear whatever you wear with pride. That is what defines you.

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