They Don’t Love You; They Love What You Do For Them

Hindsight is always 20/20 and unlike most, I can admit that I’ve been naive, vulnerable and downright stupid. You live and you learn, right? It doesn’t matter what you once were, it’s who you are today and what you do with the knowledge you acquired. Every experience has a lesson and each lesson possesses knowledge.


For me, life has taught me that people generally don’t love you for you- your dope personality, comedic flair, intelligence, pure heart, witty remarks; you know the shhh that makes you, you. People love what you do for them. If we remove our provisions, we’ll find that most people don’t f*ck with us as toughly as we do with them. It’s paramount that you know the difference and move accordingly.


They show it to us daily, but we dismiss it and write it off as just a “bad day” or “that’s what said person does when they’re angry”. These very people can call you at a drop of a dime and you’re catching flights, moving money around, opening your home up to them and listening to the same repeated conversations about their nothing-ass significant other. However, when the tables turn, you have to play inspector gadget to find them. It’s not a balanced exchange of “love”. And the last time I checked “love” wasn’t conditioned on provisions.


We’re so thirsty for love that we accept half-ass love. When was the last time someone checked on you, not asking you for something, but just to make sure you were good? How long has it been someone caught the tab for you? How often does your significant other spend time without sex and gifting involved? You are so use to having everyone else’s back that you’re okay with no one having your backe. The balance is off, it’s time for you to level the balance and move around.

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