Alleged DoorDash Driver Posts TikTok Video Eating Customer's Food Because Of Low Tip

Alleged DoorDash Driver Posts TikTok Video Eating Customer’s Food Because Of Low Tip

An alleged DoorDash driver has sparked outrage on TikTok after filming herself and a friend eating a customer’s food after the customer tipped $4. 

A user by the name of SaniahDuh shared a now-viral clip showing a container of open food inside of a vehicle as she and her friend laughed and enjoyed the meal that they were supposed to be delivering.

“When our customer only tipped $4 for a 30 min drive so we ate they order and telling dash support we ain’t get it,” she captioned the video, which has over 18,000 views.


Yummy #doordash #materialgirl



The comments under the video were a mix of fellow food delivery drivers commending their actions while others slammed them. One commenter wrote, “That’s triflin what if they can’t afford to tip you,” to which SaniahDuh responded, “What if I don’t GAF.” 

A spokesperson for DoorDash said that their policy prohibits drivers from taking customers’ food, and such actions resulted in “immediate removal” from their platform. They confirmed that they were actively investigating the video. However, their probe may be in vain if it turns out that SaniahDuh is just a TikTok prankster, as another commenter suggested.

“If you read the comments she DOESN’T WORK for DoorDash. She just a teen playing in TikTok,” one person wrote, followed by SaniahDuh saying, “right.”

She has not yet posted a follow-up video.

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