DoorDash Engineers Upset That They’re Being Required To Deliver Orders Once a Month

DoorDash Engineers Upset That They’re Being Required To Deliver Orders Once a Month

SFGate reported that DoorDash’s new program, WeDash, will require all non-delivery employees to dash at least one order each month beginning in January.

However, company employees are less than thrilled.

“What the actual f – – k?” said an employee in a viral post, which revealed the person’s yearly total compensation of $400,000. “I didn’t sign up for this, there was nothing in the offer letter/job description about this.”

On the anonymous social media service, Blind, techies and other white-collar jobs, received the complaint, which was titled “DoorDash making engineers deliver food.” The anonymous employee’s complaint drew over 1,600 responses from other employees who were enraged by the new corporate policy’s implementation and enforcement.

“This is not acceptable in any way,” wrote one user.

“I hope other companies don’t draw inspiration,” joked another. “Otherwise LinkedIn employees will be required to go job hunting once a month going forward.”

However, not everyone was opposed to the concept. Yet, several had seen the notion as thoughtful, allowing upper-level personnel, including CEO Tony Xu, to experience what it’s like to work as a delivery driver.

“Seems like a good way to understand the client’s pains,” commented one person.

“Empathy for your customers, dashers and restaurants is a good thing,” chimed in another. “Would be awesome to see dashers paired with engineers and product managers on these ride alongs. An opportunity to learn from each other.”

“I’m young, healthy, unlikely to be at risk from COVID,” wrote another user. “Why not help deliver food and stuff to those who were stuck at home?”

According to SFGate, Blind requires all new users to sign up using their company email to verify their place of employment, making the possibility of fake posts extremely unlikely.

There are other choices, according to DoorDash, for individuals who are unable to get out in the field and deliver orders. Employees that are unable to engage in WeDash can participate in WeSupport, which allows them to shadow customer assistance, and WeMerchant, which allows them to shadow merchant support.

A spokesperson for DoorDash told SFGate that the program was intended to teach “first-hand how the technology products we build empower local economies, which in turn helps us build a better product.” A rep added that the viral complaints on Blind “don’t reflect the sentiment of the company’s employees at large.”

While participation earn employee “credits” in their annual reviews, money earned from the deliveries will be donated to a charity.

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