Dr. Dre Estimated to Make Over $200 Million By Selling His Decorated Catalog

Dr. Dre Estimated to Make Over $200 Million By Selling His Decorated Catalog

It’s estimated that Dr. Dre could make over $200 million by selling a piece of his catalog.
According to Billboard, two deals are being finalized between the legendary producer and Shamrock Holdings and Universal Music Group to offload music earnings and other assets.
While Dre’s longtime attorney Peter Paterno pitched the deals for $250 million, the final sale price isn’t expected to be that high but will still be “well above $200 million.”
His assets, which generate almost $10 million in annual income, include his share of N.W.A artist’s royalties, his producer’s royalties, and his songwriter share his song catalog.

These bring in anywhere from 75 to 90 percent of the package’s earnings and are probably being bought by Shamrock.

The master recording of The Chronic, which is scheduled to be transferred from Death Row Records to Dre in August, is among the 10 to 25 percent of generated held assets that UMG is reportedly buying.

Along with publishing, Dr. Dre’s share of Kendrick Lamar’s releases through Aftermath’s joint venture with Interscope and Top Dawg Entertainment is also included in UMG’s share; however, it’s unclear exactly which part of his discography that would entail.

Aftermath, which he co-owns with UMG’s Interscope, is not included in the bundle of assets.

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