Dr. Dre's Business Partner Wants Nicole Young to "Stop Taking Our Cash"; Accuses Her of Grand Theft

Dr. Dre’s Business Partner Accuses Nicole Young of Grand Theft, Claims She Withdrew An Additional $31,000 From Business Account

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According to TMZ, it looks like Dr. Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young, slipped and dipped her hand in the cookie jar once again. Larry Chatman, Dr. Dre’s business partner, is now accusing her of grand theft.

Chatman’s attorneys sent another letter to Nicole accusing her of withdrawing an additional $30,000+ from the business account she no longer is legally authorized to.

Earlier in August, Chatman claims Nicole embezzled $353k from the account, as the company accused her of draining out the account. Two days after Nicole was given the boot, he says she funneled another $31,457.

According to Chatman and his attorneys, they are threatening to take legal action because the amount counts as grand theft on top of the $353k that she embezzled.

But Nicole’s attorney claims that these accusations are a “low-grade PR stunt.” He believes that these accusations are to embarrass his client and to take away from the fact that Nicole filed a recent lawsuit against Dre in which she says he is hiding assets that she feels entitled to in the divorce.

Bryan Freedman, lawyer for Nicole, tells TMZ, “This is a clear attempt to smear Nicole’s name. As people are aware that banks do not give out money to people who are not authorized to receive it.”

Nicole claims Dre ripped up the prenup she signed right before they got married, but he denies it. Nicole also wants $2 mil a month in temporary spousal support while the divorce makes its way through the legal system. This has become a very nasty divorce for them both.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young
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