Dr. Phil Says He Believes Kanye West Is A “Highly Functional Man” And Should Be Held Accountable For What He Says

One of daytime TV’s best therapists has been helping America get themselves together for 17 seasons and it was recently announced that it has been renewed for another 4. To celebrate, Dr. Phil McGraw made a guest appearance on #TheView and in the segment, shared his opinion on Kanye West’s mental state.

When asked about Kanye’s mental health and his recent visit to the Oval Office, Dr. Phil said, “Is he indeed suffering? He seems to me to be well-oriented.” He goes on to explain that to him, Kanye is a highly functional man who is very talented. However, he does say that West should be held accountable for what he says. “I don’t think that he is insane to the point where he needs to be in a sheltered environment and if he is then he should be institutionalized.”

What do you think about Dr. Phil ’s statement? Do you think he has a valid point? Does Kanye get a pass because of his “mental state” or is he merely being himself? Speak on it!

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