Dr. Sebi's Family Addresses Nipsey Hussle Conspiracy Theory

Dr. Sebi’s Family Addresses Nipsey Hussle Conspiracy Theory And Nick Cannon Completing Documentary “There Is No Conspiracy”

The late Dr. Sebi’s daughter, Kellie Bowman, and grandson Izeal Bowman appeared on BET’s ‘Black Coffee’ and gave insight on the holistic doctor’s practices and how they have impacted hip hop.

Kellie and Izeal both reflected on the initial conspiracy theories that circulated claiming Nipsey’s murder was a set-up in order to stop the release of his Dr. Sebi-inspired documentary. Izeal recalled how many people immediately believed the conspiracy theory until Nipsey’s killer was arrested, then the conspiracy died. 

“When negative things happen, or tragedies happen, our society is always quick to jump to an opinion, instead of knowing facts,” Izeal said. “So the fact that Nipsey Hussle didn’t die over doing a documentary, it makes you think, ‘Why would they want to kill Nipsey over doing a documentary if he wasn’t Dr. Sebi? Or he wasn’t healing people?’”

He continued, “Yes, he was talking about the message, but a theory on killing Nipsey Hussle? No. There is no conspiracy. Nipsey Hussle died in gang violence, something that was very tragic to our society and to hip-hop, period.”

Izeal’s aunt added, “It raises a question: What did this man do to impact Nipsey Hussle? That’s something that’s very interesting because he’s from a different era of what we’re used to seeing.” Kellie continued, “You would think as a community advocate, that Nipsey Hussle would have different projects at his age, but he ran across Dr. Sebi. What did that mean for us? What did that mean for his era? It means a lot!”

Kellie admitted although she never met the late hip-hop philanthropist, she admired Nipsey’s efforts in his community as well as those of late fellow Sebi enthusiast, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. “[My father’s belief] wasn’t a new thought, it was just an uncovered thought. So we celebrate that. Just like when we celebrated when Lisa Lopes was involved. Quite a few out there have found out who Dr. Sebi was [since then]… and I appreciate it. I never got to meet [Nipsey], but I love his thoughts.”

Izeal added, “Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes was one of the pioneers who was the one who really pushed my grandfather and really set the bar high for hip-hop on eating healthy, and then Nipsey picked up the torch and kept it going.”

When it came to whether or not actor-comedian Nick Cannon would continue the Nipsey-initiated Sebi documentary, Izeal confirmed Cannon will pick up where Hussle left off. “Nick got in line with the documentary right when Nipsey passed away.” 

He explained, “When Nick reached out and wanted to talk, he said he wanted to get healthy first, before the documentary. So, I put him on a plant-based diet, start taking the minerals, then we started talking about the documentary, and now we’re making it today.”

Izeal also shared Nick’s transformation during the process of working on the film. He said, “[Like] most men, we eat everything, we do everything, we party, we do it all. But one thing men don’t do is take care of themselves. You know, we love the outer appearance, but our inner appearance is impotent, compromised, and sick.” 

He continued, ”The changes I saw in Nick, once he started eating right, his immune system began to change, his skin began to get a glow. You vibrate higher. When you travel from state to state on jets and leers, you can be very sick. With a strong immune system, you can go all over the world.”

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