Dr. Zulu Shabazz Confronts 'Fresh & Fit Podcast' Myron & Fresh About Degrading Black Women

Dr Zulu Shabazz Confronts ‘Fresh & Fit Podcast’ Myron & Fresh About Degrading Black Women [Video Inside]

Dr. Zulu Shabazz of ‘New Black Panthers Party’ was not feeling Myron and Fresh of Fresh & Fit Podcast comments about Black women.

Shabazz began the video talking about how “sick and tired” he is of athletes and entertainers that turn on black people and talk down on them. He then turned his frustration on Myron & Fresh by saying, “It’s clear that these two brothers love them some cracker women.”

He then uplifts the black community and how beautiful black women are while addressing Fresh’s comment that he “may” date a black woman. Shabazz got in that a** and stated that no woman on Earth would even touch him if he didn’t have any money, including black women.

Fresh’s response was, “Bro, how old are you…like 70?” Then shows off his white dog. Fresh began talking in circles, trying to make a point, but you can hear the level of immaturity just by the response.

Fresh continued by saying that he respects Shabazz’s comments, but he doesn’t know them, and he is making assumptions off a clip. But Shabazz would not stop until he let him know how ridiculous his comment was about black women being “hood.”

Zulu Shabazz thinks that Fresh’s comments about black women are due to the lack of respect for black women and how he has probably been rejected all of his life.

Myron chimes in and talk about how Shabazz is making derogatory jokes about white women, and that is obviously okay, but they can’t make comments about black women. The duo didn’t want to hear much else in the 8-minute long video. Myron placed a clown mask on said that’s how Shabazz is looking during the chat.

Check out the video below and tell us your thoughts?

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