Drake Partners With Live-Streaming Service To Help Make ”Battle Rap Easier To Access”

2020 is off to a great start for Drake as the rapper has just announced a brand new partnership deal with live streaming service Caffeine.Tv.

Drake announced the news via Instagram writing, “Excited to announce this major step forward!! I managed to get URL and Caffeine linked up with the objective of making battle rap easier to access in your home or on your mobile device, and it’s FREE to watch battles once you sign up for the service. We are bringing the biggest league in the world to more screens than ever before. Greatness Simplified.”

According to Variety, Drake will produce rap battles for the network, while also curating other live content,  all set to air on the Canadian artist’s upcoming Caffeine channel.

The fun is set to kick off with the first rap battle scheduled to take place on Feb. 29 in Atlanta streaming live, with 2 more to follow shortly after in Houston and Charlotte.

Ultimate Rap League (URL) is set to join in on the action and produce the series as well.

Founder and CEO of Caffeine, Ben Keighran, explained to Variety that fans around the world will love the show. “There’s millions of people and this huge community around the world of people who love real battle rap and URL is the biggest, most authentic, most respected battle rapping league in the world,” he said.

“It’s got the sort of core tenets of UFC fighting and boxing,” Keighran continued. “But, getting into the experience right now — if you spoke to Drake, he’d say getting into it is really difficult.”

Keighran also explained why Drake wanted to be apart of this project, stating, “He wants to always be creating content. He wants to innovate, and he’s really interested in live streaming, but thinks that, we’re seeing live streaming in gaming, but what’s next? So one of the things we wanted to do was form a multiyear exclusive partnership with him so that we could explore lots of different things together.”

Caffeine is looking to take the world by storm in the coming months as they have projects with some of music’s biggest names including Doja Cat and Offset and even Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers.

At this time, it’s uncertain what other projects for the service Drake will be involved in, but he’s working on a wide “range” of content for the four-year-old network.

Not only is Caffeine heavy on music, but the streaming service is also big on sports as Keighran tells it.

“Other platforms are very heavy in gaming, and Caffeine is really the first place that’s bringing together entertainment and sports,” Keighran explained. “It’s a place where the next generation can go online and watch anything from X-Games to Coachella to Fortnight — all in one place where they can hang with friends, interact, and enjoy this whole new experience.”


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