Drake Shows Chris Brown Who The Real Hood Rat Chick Is

Allegedly, Drake showed Chris Brown that he don’t fight, he don’t argue, he just beat that bitch with a bottle last night at a New York night club. Chris Brown tweeted a pic of a cut to his chin which confirms it. He also tweets (then deletes)  “N****s throwing bottles! Y’all n****z weak! “Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol. “N****s is p*ssy,”

Now this is all “allegedly” because I wasn’t near my computer (or awake) when these tweets went live. Apparently the story is that Chris and Drake were partying in the same NYC night club and Chris saw Drake there. The two who share a common denominator (Rihanna) haven’t spoken in….ever. In an attempt to make amends Chris sends over a bottle of champagne to Drake. Drake in true Queen fashion sends back the bottle with a note that he’s “fucking the love of your life” (Rihanna). Chris confronts Drake and Drake starts windmilling uncontrollably, landing a punch on Chris’ chin and yelling out “Thug Life!”. Okay, that last part is more how I envisioned it happening but bottles were definitely thrown and one found it’s way to Chris Brown’s chin. 

Now, Drake is known for saying “P*ssy is only p*ssy and I get it when I need it” so I’m not seeing the reasoning behind him attacking Chris like a wild woman. He’s already admitted that Rihanna hit it & quit it. Rihanna was even recently seen partying with Chris Brown and his Kareuche. Here’s a tip Drake, It’s gonna take a whole lot more than a lucky shot to win Rihanna boo! 

Shoutout to Miss Jia

Saw this picture of Chris Brown bodyguard on Miss Info website

The club aftermath – pic seen on Karen Civil website

They were wreckin like shit!!!

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