Draya Michele Tells 106 & Park She Is Not A Deadbeat Mom

As you know, earlier this week Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele visited BET’s 106 & Park. During her segment they opened the floor for Twitter followers to ask Draya anything they wanted to using the hashtag #AskDraya. I’m sure BET had no idea what flood gates they were starting with that hash tag because soon after, everyone (and I do mean everyone) began going in on Draya and her infamous child endangerment arrest. If you don’t know what that’s about, click HERE


As usual, Draya referred to those bringing up her past as “haters” and had the following to say: 


“Well, the first thing is, I don’t expect people to understand my life. Because it’s my life. I’m not a bad parent in any way. I’m lucky enough to have fans that have followed me from BBWLA and know that I’m trying to help my family and the set path I’m trying to go with them. Mind ya business!”


When asked about how she deals with her haters she said: 


“I got so many haters. I think they’re just confused admirers. Haters are just confused admirers. They just love me. If you’re thinking about me, negative or positive, I’m still on your mind. I stay on your mind!”


This is my thing, and I’m going to be completely nice to Draya, she has to learn how to handle this situation better. People are going to bring up the fact that she left her son home alone day in and day out to go strip and do a number of other things. People will also bring up the fact that she is partying and living it up in LA while her son gets monthly visits. Calling people who bring this up “haters” won’t fix that. Showing that you’ve changed fixes that. When someone asks, “Where’s your son” the correct answer isn’t “Shut up you’re broke, that’s why I’m vacationing in Cancun”. You know why Draya? Because that still doesn’t answer the question of where your son is. You either ignore it, or you show a more motherly side of yourself that doesn’t include club nights and bottles of Ciroc. You can’t keep saying you’re moving your son to LA because you’ve been saying that since you moved to LA 3 years ago. If you can find time to hang with Ballers, find a little more time for your baby. I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but Draya isn’t 19 years old, she’s pushing 30 and she has to learn how to handle this because it’s not going away. Either that, or she better hire her some good PR people STAT! This will do nothing but eventually ruin her brand. You can’t host clubs forever.


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