“Dream Big Princess” Is Disney’s New Initiative That’s Working Towards Supporting More Female Filmmakers

When it comes to making it in the professional world, women have a tougher time but #Disney wants to make the process more equitable by launching a new initiative called “Dream Big Princess.”

Twenty-one girls and women from 13 different countries have been chosen by Disney Studios to develop digital short films about women who inspire them, according to Variety. Once the women are done, they will post the projects on social media, using the hashtag #DreamBigPrincess. With each project received, Disney will donate $1 to the United Nations Foundation “Girl Up.”


The girls and women will tell the story of industry women who work in several different fields like entertainment, sports, political, science and more. Their footage will be shot on an iPhone X. One of the women chosen to be a subject is Disney CCO Jennifer Lee, who won the 2014 animated feature Oscar for Frozen.

“Using the journeys of characters like Anna, Elsa, and Moana to inspire kids to dream big is at the very heart of what all of us at Disney do,” Lee said. “The #DreamBigPrincess series is the perfect extension of that vision, providing a powerful platform for the next generation of aspiring filmmakers to create content about the women who have inspired them.”


The lovely ladies will also have the opportunity to participate in professional workshops that include a training session with Apple technical experts, mentorship from the female-led production company Summerjax, and meetings with Disney film veterans. Disney will start sharing the projects on social media on Oct. 10 and “Girl Up” donations will be received on until Nov. 20.

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