Dreezy Shares Text Messages Of Jacquees Begging Her To Come Back Despite Allegedly Expecting A Child With Deiondra Sanders

It’s clear 2024 is the year of beef, and now Dreezy is feuding with the girlfriend of her ex, Jacquees

Things heated up on social media when Deiondra Sanders and the rapper exchanged subtweets on social media. Sanders, the daughter of the legendary football star Deion Sanders, shot off several tweets, one of which read, “Why would he switch out a dime for a penny.” The other stated, “Obsessed is when you still sending underwear with your face on it to the crib.”



While she didn’t put a name on any of these messages, Dreezy took these tweets as a direct shot toward her, especially considering that Deiondra is now dating Jacquees, whom Dreezy dated for several years. In response, the “Chanel Slides” star shared texted messages from the “Body Right” singer pleading with her to return, despite Deiondra allegedly pregnant. 

In the messages, Jacquees sent several messages before Dreezy had a chance to reply. 

“I want you I don’t want her,” he texted, followed by “You are my true love.” Things then take a turn when Jacquees says, “Kids do not define a family,” seemingly confirming that he isn’t interested in staying with Deiondra despite a child on the way. As he continued to plead for Dreezy to return, the rapper finally responded, “OK. I’m glad I made the right choice.”

Since this very messy text thread hit the timeline, Deiondra has been quiet on the matter. Dreezy has also deleted the tweet, though the damage has already been done. Jacquees has also remained mute, so it’s unknown why he sent his ex such messages that could damage his relationship.

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