Dress to Impress- Well, at Least Dress For Your Correct Size!!

 Hello Loves! Ok ladies, straight down to business today!! As the weather gets cooler, I feel like we need to talk about some outfit choices that need to be addressed because I can’t have y’all out there looking like a Damn mess- ESPECIALLY if you’re going to ever tell anyone you like My blog!!! 1st thing I’d like to tackle- the toes-over the edge of the shoe-issue. Disgusting….GROSS – Ladies good rule of thumb, buy them a ½ bigger. When we walk, theres so much pressure on our little precious feet that they spread and the spreading of our feet actually pushes our toes forward. Same rule applies for pointed stilettos. Always buy ½ sizes bigger to allow room for the tootsies. If you don’t you’ll end up with some raggedy – gnarly feet… still on the topic of feet- keep them nice and manicured!! I do not care what YOU think, long toenails are NOT sexy or cute- repeat NOT SEXY OR CUTE- and trust me, if you have a man, he wants your ass to cut those claws too! Do you really think those things feel good rubbing up and down his legs at night? EW. 

Onto my next topic: Bras that FIT. Ladies, go to a nice, expensive store and get properly measured. Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom’s are the 2 best I’ve found, even if you can’t afford to buy with them, they measure you for free and it’s worth it!  Get measured- 5-10 mins out of your day. Who cares if you go buy your bras at Wal-Mart?? Buy the right damn size, that’s the point!! 

Since I tend to like to cover things in 3’s last topic is a serious EPIDEMIC- the MUFFIN TOP- yup, I said it. I went there, and I will not apologize! Listen, life gets to all of us, kids, stress- bad eating, work- etc- I get it, totally get it- but Damn ladies, just cuz it buttons, doesn’t mean it belongs on yo’ ass!! If you have a pair of jeans that you paid $100 bucks for then you had a baby, I understand, oh I understand– you want sooo bad to fit back in those babies so bad! So, keep them hung up as motivation. But girl, you need to come to terms that those are a size 6- you JUST had a baby a month ago, you know damn good and well, your ass is NO size 6 at the moment, so STOP IT! It HAS to be uncomfortable? God, it’s painful to look at, you can’t walk right, shit you can’t even sit down right. BUY A BIGGER SIZE……nothing about any of any of that is sexy, EVER, so ladies; I’m not one to baby you- STOP IT!!! Let’s re-cap, ½ size bigger in the shoes, get properly measured in the bra dept., and buy pants that fit and flatter!!! No matter your size, they make jeans in all sizes- for all incomes, same with shoes and bras! Ladies, Respect your bodies, if you expect others to look at you and think- “Damn that bitch has her shit together”- BE A WOMAN WORTH RESPECTING, and in our society, that starts with 1st impressions!!

That’s all for now- live well, love well!

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