Driver Of A Truck That Collided With School Bus Helped Get Kids Off Bus Before He Died

On Wednesday, a box truck collided into a school bus, leaving the back of the bus crumpled like a piece of paper, CNN reports.

But what authorities say was remarkable was that the driver of the truck jumped out of his vehicle to help get students off the bus before he collapsed and later died.

“He must’ve been running on adrenaline, and his body gave out,” said Cpl. Shane Copeland with the Georgia State Patrol. “He was pretty much done by that point.”

The incident took place outside the city of Alma in Bacon County, Georgia, while making its normal stops the bus was rear-ended by the truck.

“The impact sent the back of the box truck into the air, leaving metal scattered across the highway,” Copeland said.

The driver of the truck was 25-year-old Johnathon Grayer. Footage from the school bus shows him lifting seats off children who were pinned underneath. Grayer collapsed after helping, he was taken to a nearby hospital—where he died.

Ten children and the bus driver involved were taken to the hospital, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

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