Driver Claims Floyd Mayweather’s Sons Defrauded Him Out of Money and Gifts After Driving Them Around Miami for Days

A South Florida driver claims Floyd Mayweather’s sons defrauded him out of wages and gifts in exchange for driving them around for the weekend.

The driver, who wanted to remain anonymous for his protection, described the incident as a “figurative punch in the gut” and said he has reported the incident to Miami Beach Police.

He said, “I ended up driving all the five days pretty much for free.”

According to the driver, the boxer’s sons, Zion and Koruan Mayweather, rode in the driver’s vehicle for days and did not pay up. Police are now investigating the alleged incident for felony third-degree grand theft.

Last weekend, the driver picked up the two brothers at the Fontainebleau Hotel to shuttle them around town ahead of their father’s fight.  The driver claimed he did so in exchange for more than $2,000, a signed Mayweather glove, and a complimentary ticket to the exhibition at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

“No,” the driver said when asked if he had received the tickets or if Mayweather had signed the glove.

Mayweather did, however, autograph gloves for other athletes this weekend, according to the driver. He said that he received cellphone videos of the money he had been promised.

“Cash, you know? Thousands of dollars,” claimed the driver. “I filed a police report, and I’m going to move forward with this.”

According to the police report, the driver said he dealt with “several attempts to collect payment with negative results,” according to the police report.

“They steal my time,” the driver said. “They steal my money. They steal my effort.”

The driver claimed he was paid $700, which is much less than the amount agreed upon by the two parties.



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