Drivers Ditching Uber Over CEO’s Relationship With Donald Trump

Customers aren’t the only ones bailing on Uber for alternative ways of transportation. Drivers are reportedly leaving the ride share company as well, after drama surrounding the Muslim ban and the CEO’s relationship with Trump.


Drivers in California, New York, Pennsylvania and North Carolina have hopped on the #DeleteUber movement because they say Uber CEO Travis Kalanick “continues to be feeble in making a strong stance against the President’s policies.” Drivers in New York were specifically disgusted in Uber’s decision to cross strike lines at JFK airport after cabbies decided to join in protesting the Muslim ban.


Several drivers have applied,  or are already working with Lyft, a more”socially conscious” company, that pledged $1 million to the ACLU.


If you’re one of the many who has ditched Uber,  join LYFT and use promo code ‘balleralert’ for $50 in free rides!

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