Drumma Boy Talks R. Kelly Stealing His Music, Dream R&B Collaborators, New Album and More

Drumma Boy Talks R. Kelly Stealing His Music, Dream R&B Collaborators, New Album and More

Memphis-born producer, Drumma Boy, continues to conquer the music industry with more than two decades of hits, several Grammy awards, and BET Hip Hop Awards. He’s produced hits for artists like Chris Brown, Gucci Mane, Jeezy, and more. This Fall, Drumma Boy, brings back his monster production skills on his latest single “I Said What I Said” featuring Grammy winner Ludacris, and Latin artist Snow Tha Product.

Drumma Boy gave Baller Alert an exclusive interview about his upcoming album “Drumma Boy and Friends,” his recently launched app, and more. He also shared a list of the hottest R&B ladies killing the game right now and how R. Kelly stole his song.

Who else can we expect on your upcoming album “Drumma Boy and Friends”?

Well, I just did a record with T.I., Ty Dollar $ign, Wiz Khalifa and I’m super excited about that. I got Gucci and Dolph on the record. I’ve been working with a little bit of everybody. I’ve been reaching out to the heavy hitters like Travis Scott and 2 Chainz — so it’s a collage of talent on this album. People who are really a part of my life and a part of my career. I’m ready to deliver what the game has been missing. There’s some Tink and Twista in here as well. I’m excited.

What’s different about your app and what makes it exclusive?

My app is exclusive content. It’ll have master classes, motivational talks, and lives with me answering questions. I’ll be going live on the app with me in the studio with an A-list artist. You’ll also be able to tap into my podcast “Beauty and the Beats” hosted by me and Dime Piece. We’re both born and raised out of Memphis and we’ll be able to deliver a voice on rising out of the struggle, the ups and downs in the industry, and the entertainment business. You all will be able to get some games from some OG’s. There are so many things that I do and the app will allow me to deliver to those fans.

Who would you say surprises you in the studio the most?

I always get a surprise out of Gucci. Me and Gucci making music together is always fun. You don’t know what kind of song you’ll make but we make a hilt every time. Rocco and 2 Chainz are the same way. We make good music. I think I bring the best out of whoever I work with. Regardless if a person is shy, quiet, or antisocial, I’m trusted and I give good energy — I inspire and motivate people to make good music.

What R&B artist is catching your ear right now?

Man! Summer Walker and SZA. They both sound like home. Drumma Boy would fit right in their songs. Those are two people I can make some magic with. Ella Mai and Jhene Aiko are both ladies who really inspire and motivate me. Even H.E.R. — seeing her play that bass guitar is inspiring. Chloe Bailey, to see her produce those records and make beats– that’s inspiring to me. Those are the ones I want to collaborate with and put some hits on the board with.

What inspired you to open a boutique?

I worked at the shoe store “Just for Feet” growing up so I’ve always had that passion for fashion — and making people happy. Whether it’s just cooking, making beats, or selling clothes, I like to come through for people at the last minute. When guys come through and they have a show, — I allow VIPs to come and get a haircut and provide clothes for them. However, I can deliver, uplift, and come through for someone is what I’m here for. A lot of black designers look for us to support their work. That’s what I do too. It’s not always about wearing Gucci and Louie. I like to wear black-owned clothing and I want to continue to put us on a pedestal. That’s why I opened a boutique.

Exclusive: Drumma Boy “You Ain’t Missing Nothing,” by T.I and Whitney Houston’s “Salute” is the same song: R. Kelly took my music.

I produced Whitney Houston’s “Salute,” which came from the Paper Trail album I produced for T.I. On that album, I have a song called “You Ain’t Missing Nothing.” At one point R-Kelly reached out to me and said he needed some music from me because was writing for different artists. Six months later after I sent him some beats, he says he wants me to listen to a single he made for Whitney Houston. He had his band re-play the beat that I made. It’s the same exact chords and keys but just a half key up. So yall go listen to “You Ain’t Missing Nothing,” by T.I and Whitney Houston’s “Salute.” It’s the same music– and I never really tripped. I’m just blessed to have that genius for him to put his name on my music. Both albums did 3 million but the song “Salute,” went platinum with R. Kelly’s name on it. That’s my song. So yall, please don’t steal any music.


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