Dumb Baller News: Beanie Sigel Arrested On Weapons & Drugs Charges

This is another example of staying clean while you’re already in trouble. 38-year-old rapper Beanie Sigel, whose real name is Dwight Grant, was arrested today on weapons and drug charges during a traffic stop just south of Philadelphia. Beanie, who is a felon, was the passenger in the vehicle. The driver, Gerald Andrews is also a felon.

There are few details as to what prompted a search but authorities say they found a gun in the console along with prescription pills, codeine syrup and $4,600 in cash on Beanie’s person. The driver was also carrying several prescription bottles and a small amount of weed. Beanie and Andrews both face drug and gun charges and can not post bail. This all just two weeks before Beanie was to begin his two year bid for failing to pay federal taxes owing more than $700,000 for the tax years 1999 through 2005. 

I guess Beans can just consider this a little mandatory overtime.

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