Dumb Baller News: Kris Humphries’ New Girl Could Ruin His Settlement

This is just terrible. Kris is going to be ruined by every woman he tries to bring around him. TMZ is reporting that Kris Humphries’ ex boo Myla Sinanaj is allegedly trying to extort him.  After realizing his new relationship may negatively impact his divorce settlement, Kris asked Myla to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Well, Myla wouldn’t make it that easy. She asked for money in exchange for silence. She threatened that either he paid up or she was going to release some damaging information. Needless to say Kris broke it off with her crazy tail and sicked his lawyers on her. Reps for Humphries did not specify how much money Sinanaj was looking for but sources say that she has emails, texts and other documents chronicling their relationship that could hurt Kris if they became public.  Could it be that Kris was cheating on Kim during their entire 2 month long faux relationship? Well Kris, you should have had her sign those papers in the BEGINNING! Now she has sh-t against you that can ruin your money. Dummy!

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