Dwayne Johnson To Produce The Scorpion King Reboot; Won’t Reprise Starring Role

Nearly two decades after the release of The Scorpion King, Dwayne Johnson has announced a revival of the award-winning film. However, the 48-year-old actor will not reprise his role in the new film.

The actor will produce the reboot through his Seven Bucks Productions company with Dany Garcia at Universal Pictures. Oscar-winning screenwriter Jonathan Herman is reportedly expected to write the script. The film will be “a contemporary take set in recent times,” reports mentioned.

Johnson first portrayed the Egyptian warrior Mathayus/The Scorpion King in the 2001 movie The Mummy Returns. The next year, Johnson reprised his role in a spin-off movie, The Scorpion King, which followed Mathayus’ origin story and how he came to be king. It grossed over $178 million and became a pivotal point in launching Johnson’s acting career.

In a statement to Deadline, Johnson said, “The Scorpion King was my very first role ever on the silver screen, and I’m honored and excited to reimagine and deliver this cool mythology to a whole new generation.”

“I wouldn’t have had the career I’m lucky enough to have had it not been for The Scorpion King, and I’m thrilled that we at Seven Bucks Productions can help create those same opportunities for other hard-working actors today. I believe Jonathan Herman will put in the hard work to deliver a fantastic script for our global audience,” he continued.

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