Dwight Howard Wants Accuser’s Case Thrown Out After He Failed To Provide Evidence, Asks Judge To Rule On $10 Million Countersuit

NBA star Dwight Howard has asked a judge to rule in his favor in an assault case after his accuser stopped responding to the lawsuit.

According to Bossip, Howard filed court documents this week, asking for a summary judgment against #MasinElije because he never countered Howard’s contention that there was actually no proof of any relationship or interaction between them.

Earlier this year, the “Industry Hoe” author sued Howard, alleging that Howard started harassing and threatening him online and by phone when he allegedly refused Howard’s request to sign a nondisclosure agreement about their alleged relationship. Elije also claimed that Howard “was in everyone raw” at “transgender sex parties,” and that he had an “understanding” with a “transgender prostitute,” according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

However, Howard clapped back with a countersuit demanding $10 million, saying he doesn’t know the man. He also accused him of trying to use him for clout on social media and to gain more attention for his book “Industry Hoe.” Howard said he suffered “severe emotional distress,” physical and mental harm as a result of Elije’s claims.

As a follow-up, Howard’s lawyer filed more documents stating that Elije had no evidence that Howard threatened him or offered him money to sign an NDA and no proof that Howard sexually harassed him.

Howard’s lawyer noted that he asked Elije to provide evidence in the case upon their case trial date. However, Elije never did, and now Howard is asking the judge to rule on his countersuit based on the lack of evidence. He’s asking to have Elije’s case thrown out. The judge has yet to respond.

Dwight Howard reacts to lawsuit
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