Dwyane Wade Opens Up About Parenting His Youngest Son Xavier

Dwyane Wade Opens Up About Parenting His Youngest Son Xavier

Dwyane Wade is opening up about his relationship with his youngest son, whom he fathered in 2013 while separated from his now-wife, Gabrielle Union.

In his newly released photographic memoir, the 39-year-old detailed how difficult it is at times parenting his 8-year-old son, Xavier Zechariah, from a distance, whom he shares with former Basketball Wives star Aja Metoyer.

“Xavier doesn’t live with me, so we don’t get to see each other every day like I do with my other kids. It makes things challenging at times, but it’s my job to make sure he never has to carry that weight,” Wade wrote.

The memoir, titled “Dwyane,” serves as the first time that the NBA star has shared photos of Xavier. Despite the publicity surrounding the announcement that he was expecting a child with a woman other than Union, Wade says his only concern is that Xavier knows he is loved.

“It’s up to me to make sure he knows he’s being raised with love even if we don’t live under the same roof,” he added.

In addition to Xavier, Wade is the father of 14-year-old Zaya, 19-year-old Zaire Blessing Dwyane, and 3-year-old social media star Kaavia James. The former Miami Heat also raised his now 20-year-old nephew Dahveon Morris.

The memoir, which went on sale November 16th, also features never-before-seen images of his childhood and career.

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