Eighteen Students Bitten In Mass Dog Attack At School Playground

Eighteen Students Bitten In Mass Dog Attack At School Playground

Multiple children were injured when two pitbull mixes entered a playground and began violently attacking them.

The shocking incident occurred on Dec. 20 outside Willard Intermediate School South in Springfield, Missouri. The students, who were in the 5th and 6th grades, were outside enjoying recess when the dogs ran inside the unfenced playground and immediately started biting anyone they came across. As scholars fled the animals, that did not deter them, as they continued going after each of the kids. Three teachers stepped in to help the kids but were also bitten. In total, eighteen students sustained injuries from the rogue animals.

Animal control officers would later confront the owners, who voluntarily handed them over. The dogs were later euthanized. One of the canines was not vaccinated, and the owners were unable to provide proof of vaccination for the other. Rabies tests are still pending.

Parent Sarah Harris, whose son was luckily only chased by the dogs, believes that the school is also partly responsible for failing to secure the playground.

”I think that it’s negligent that there’s not a fence around the playground,” she shared after the disturbing attack.

The school district says they’ll now have indoor recess and will look into other options after the winter break.

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