Eighth YSL Affiliate Takes Plea Deal, Agrees To Testify Without Fifth Amendment

Eighth YSL Affiliate Takes Plea Deal, Agrees To Testify Without Fifth Amendment

Well, another bits the dust! An eighth YSL associate accepts a plea deal in the ongoing criminal case.

On Thursday, Trontavious “Tick” Stephens accepted the plea deal after being charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the RICO act.

During the court hearing, Stephens admitted to being a founder of YSL and confirmed Young Slime Life started as a gang before Young Thug revamped it into a record label. Stephens also added that Young Slime Life was converted to Young Successful Lifestyle once Thug signed his deal.

In addition, Stephens admitted to being “Tick” who Thug referred to in his 2014 single “Eww.” In the song, Thug raps “I ain’t doin’ any features unless you give me your b*tch/I’ma f*ck for the cash then she gettin’ robbed by Tick.”

Stephens plead guilty to his racketeering charges and received 10 years in prison. However, as apart of the plea deal, two years of his sentence were considered as time served. He will serve the rest of his time on probation.

Stephens also gave up his fifth amendment right and agreed to testify in any future trials pertaining to the case.

Despite many other members accepting the deal, two YSL associates chose to reject the offer. Tenquarius “Nard” Mender and Derontae Bebee appeared in court the same day as Stephens. Unlike others before them, the two men declined the plea deals that would’ve gotten them released from jail. Mender and Bebee decided to go to trial alongside Thug, despite facing a maximum sentence of life and 50 years behind bars.

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