Eliza Reign Claps Back At Summer Walker After Singer Criticizes Alleged Child Support Amount Request

The mother of #Future’s child, #ElizaReign, is clapping back at #SummerWalker after the singer criticized her over an alleged child support amount.

Mind the business that pays you is pretty much what Reign said in several posts to Walker after the singer took it upon herself to judge the mother after a report came out that Reign allegedly wanted $53,000 in child support from Future, who at first allegedly claimed Reign’s child wasn’t his. On Friday, Walker posted on an image from a blog on her Instagram stories, writing a caption that read, “She wants 54 thousand a month. Women like this are so disgusting and sad. I feel so bad for this man. Where do y’all even find these types of women?”

It didn’t take long for the shade to reach Reign, who first clapped back by posting a picture of a video in which Walker stated that she “doesn’t take showers.” The artist later cleared up that she does bathe but that showers are just not her favorite method of washing. Nevertheless, Reign used that as ammo before writing a summary of her situation with Future, and why she feels it’s none of the singer’s business.

“Imagine being a Black women. With a big platform. Built on music that is mostly celebrated and supported by Black women. Using your voice to bash another Black based on fake news. Instead of speaking up for Black women who are forced into situations like mine by Black men who are never held accountable…speaking upholding Back men accountable. You lay up under a Black man who is “allegedly” mistreating other Black women and the children they share with him. Imagine?” Reign wrote in her IG stories. Reign then went on to say that the dollar amount mentioned in the blog post was wrong and that she actually wanted a lower amount but the large number was given by the courts after Future allegedly never submitted his financial records.

“In a child support case, both parents have to submit financial paperwork to determine a fair amount of support. I submitted mine day one. But guess what happens if the other party doesn’t? The do a general assumption of income,” Reign explained. She then said that her daughter deserves to live the life of both parents, that she was placed in a poor financial state when she was pregnant and that she only wants the best for her daughter.

“It takes more than money to take care of child. But children are expensive and I do believe they should live a lifestyle similar to their parents. So yes. I want financial support. Not 53K But enough for private schooling, vacations, and to see the world through the eyes of the privileged. So if that’s wrong for me wanting that for her, oh well.”

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