Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Receives An Democratic Endorsement From Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren throws her name behind Joe Biden in the latest string of endorsements for Biden’s 2020 presidential bid.

Warren said in a video, ”empathy matters,” adding, ”and in this moment of crisis, it is more important than ever that the next president restores Americans’ faith in good effective government.”

Joe Biden
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Biden, 77, received endorsements from Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders on Monday and from former President, Barack Obama on Tuesday.

Warren suspended her presidential campaign, March 5 after failing to have a successful Super Tuesday. Both Sanders and Warren have had some disagreements on Biden’s stance with universal health coverage, but Warren noted that Biden is willing to compromise on issues.

Warren said Biden has, “shown throughout this campaign that when you come up with new facts or a good argument, he’s not too afraid or too proud to be persuaded.”

During the early portion of their presidential campaign, Biden and Warren went head to head with one another.

Warren, who refused to have high-dollar fundraising events, criticized Biden’ss campaign for having them. Biden referred to Warren’s Medicare for All as being ”vague,” because it lacked information on if the middle-class taxes would be raised to fund it.

As she continued, Warren recalled being sworn in as U.S Senator by Biden as he was serving as Vice-President in 2013, and being told by Biden, “you gave me hell! And you’re going to do a great job.” She added, ”that’s the thing about Joe. He wants you in the fight with him.”

Elizabeth Warren Apologizes For Native American an
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